5 Reasons to hire pros for all your CNC Maintenance needs

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are at work in factories, production houses, and machine shops all across America. The technology used by CNC machines is leading-edge and constantly evolving. But maintaining a CNC machine shouldn’t be attempted by amateurs—it’s always better to trust a professionally-trained, up-to-date technician when a CNC machine needs maintenance or repair work done. Here are the 5 reasons to hire professionals for your CNC maintenance:

1 | Professional CNC maintenance saves time and money 

Computer software, application programming, and systems functionality checks require the attention of a skilled technician to determine proper operational execution of commands and processes. Push the wrong button and the whole program can be dismantled. Fixing an error costs money and takes a CNC machine out of production. Why risk losing time, money, and productivity? Education is valuable and putting the right education to work solves problems before they happen.

2 | Value equation

Professional technicians have invested their time to gain the knowledge CNC machine operators need to keep production running smoothly. The nature of three, four, and five-axis CNC programs, tools, and protocols demand expert attention to all the details required to run a CNC machine. CNC parts and CNC tools are highly-specialized equipment built to precise specifications and should only be sourced from reliable, OEM vendors. Low-quality parts and tools may initially save money, but can end up costing much more in the long run.

3 | Production, production, production

By their very nature, CNC machines are designed to increase productivity. Multiple tool passes reduce individual piece handling time resulting in a reduction in the costs of production. Being efficient and staying efficient is the goal of every CNC machine operation. When efficiency, accuracy, and productivity are the focus, a trained and experienced CNC technician makes every CNC machine function at peak levels.

4 | Updating and upgrading

With the advances occurring every day in CNC technology, it’s important to keep up-to-date on improvements and upgrades that can enhance machine production. Most production environments have technicians performing routine maintenance and service on the machines. However, most factories have neither the time or budget to send floor technicians to school to learn about the latest update or upgrade. A certified CNC machine dealer receives the latest updates and training for existing as well as new CNC machines.

5 | Peace of mind

CNC machines don’t take coffee breaks, don’t go on vacation, and don’t call in sick. They work 24/7/365 and because they work continuously, they can be a source of concern. CNC machines can be expensive to purchase, maintain, and operate. This is particularly true when CNC machines fail. CNC machines using OEM CNC parts and CNC tools, combined with a focused preventative maintenance program, have fewer problems and less downtime. That means managers, supervisors, and machine operators have more peace of mind and less worry about getting the job done.

Training, experience, and understanding make a difference.

The need for technical support goes far beyond the production floor. Technical support for CNC machines requires more than training and education. It takes a person whose seen a lot, done a lot, and, as a result, knows a lot about every aspect of CNC machine operation. And it takes more than skimming through a manual or sitting in a classroom. It takes a passion and desire to get the best out of an intelligent, productive, and important team member. So leave CNC maintenance to the pros, and get a quote for your needs today!

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