Drive Upgrades

Servo drives and more

Improve your CNC machine's functionality with drive upgrades

If you are looking to increase your machine’s capabilities, but don’t necessarily want to spend an arm and a leg on a new machine, upgrading your machine may be the best route. Upgrading your machine’s drives may give you the enhancement that you’re looking for, resulting in increased output in less time overall.

Servo drives

If you’re in search of a new servo motor (also known as a torque or axis motor), we offer a range of motors depending on your desired size & power.

Drive experts

We have experts ready to provide consultation and discuss your specific needs. Contact us today to see why Billor has been an industry leader since 1985.

We replace CNC drive systems

We offer a number of drives and motors to meet your machine needs. We also offer used parts. Please visit our eBay store for a current list of used parts and machinery.

Ask us about drive replacements!