Gearbox Repair & Replacement

CNC gearbox repair services

Have your gearbox repaired by our expert CNC technicians

At Billor McDowell, we offer a range of CNC gearbox repair and replacement services. From full gearbox overhauls to bearing replacements, our experts have the ability to fix any issues you may have.

Gearbox Repair

Our experts provide cost effective professional grade mechanic services to repair your faulty gearbox.

Replacing a Gearbox

In the event that your gearbox is beyond repair, we offer gearbox replacement. Everything from sourcing to installation of the new gearbox, everything is handled by our in-house technicians!

We source Gearbox parts & replacements

We offer a number of gearboxes to meet your machine needs. We also offer used parts. Please visit our eBay store for a current list of used parts and machinery.

Schedule a gearbox replacement!