Hand Scraping & Way Work

Hand scraping, alignment & linear way replacement

Expert hand scraping & way work services

Sustaining the life of your CNC machine’s performance is a top priority to us. Hand scraping maintains your machine’s accuracy and productivity.

What hand scraping does for machine tools

Hand scraping seems to be a lost art now due to its cost in time and skill, however we believe there is no other way to maintain your machine’s accuracy and productivity. The artisans that hand scrape CNC machines are highly trained and have a keen sense into the individuality of each machine. There is truly no better way to uphold the performance of your machine.

Machine and tool alignment

Proper alignment on your CNC machine is critical to its performance. Having several craftsmen working on your CNC machine can cause it to fall out of alignment. To prevent errors, the machine’s specifications need to be addressed with the appropriate alignment system. Precise measuring of the machines will provide us with the details needed to support adequate alignment.

Linear way replacement

Deciding between box way and linear way can come down to the purpose of your machine. Linear way is typically performed at a higher speed with greater precision. It is made for high speed cutting and will be worn down at a much slower rate than box

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