How to Calibrate CNC with Ballbar Testing

You can own, supervise, and operate a CNC machine and know if it is calibrated correctly using Ballbar Testing. When a CNC machine is not calibrated correctly, all kinds of issues arise. The costs incurred by miscalibrated equipment are far greater than the cost of using Ballbar testing to make sure the machine is functioning at 100%. Ballbar testing can also help reveal if a CNC machine is beginning to malfunction so it can be corrected quickly, easily, and with little or no loss in production.

Ballbar Testing 101

Ballbar Testing is a simple, fast, and highly accurate method for determining the accuracy of CNC machine cuts. With the advancing technology surrounding CNC machines and their maintenance, the use of Ballbar Testing has become a standard operating procedure for many production floors and metal-working shops. Ballbar Testing establishes benchmarks and assists users with tracking the performance of the machine. This, in turn. allows CNC operators to quickly assess the performance of their machine and determine if issues are arising from its operation. By diagnosing problems at their outset, CNC operators can easily adjust components and continue with production rather than having to shut down the CNC machine for additional maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

How does Ballbar testing improve machining?

To put a fine point on the subject, Ballbar Testing uses a precise measurement tool that determines the accuracy of a CNC tool while in use. By attaching a Ballbar Testing tool to a CNC machine, an operator can quickly see how well the machine is executing perfect circular movements and other types of cutting designs according to specifications input by the operator. If the CNC machine is performing correctly, the patterns drawn by the tool will exactly match the specified dimensions for its cuts. If there are any anomalies or discrepancies in the design pattern the tool has shown errors in the CNC machine’s functionality.

Can I have technicians perform Ballbar tests for me?

Absolutely! Many CNC machinery dealers, distributors, and service support offer Ballbar Testing tool kits, as well as perform tests for customers. When compared to the time and costs required to either conduct a production re-run to correct workpiece specification, or the costs to dispose of the erroneous workpieces and start over again, Ballbar testing can save you tons of time and money. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, after all!

Many CNC operators perform Ballbar Testing on a routine basis to ensure correct CNC machine performance. Failure to utilize Ballbar Testing can result in other associated costs like tool misalignment, tool failures, and significant machine downtime. Contact us about having our technicians perform ballbar testing for you!

Ballbar testing can prevent costly mistakes

Ballbar Testing is an important tool in any CNC operator’s toolbox. CNC machinery manufacturers, distributors, and dealers are very familiar with the technology, its advantages, and its applications. All it takes is a phone call and you’re on your way to improved CNC machine capacity, lower production costs, and less machine downtime due to inaccuracy. With the introduction of Ballbar Testing into CNC machine maintenance protocols, manufacturers, production floors, and machine shops will quickly increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall production cycles.

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