How to Source Quality Parts for CNC Machine

Your CNC machine is your business and a vital part of it. Keeping it operational is a major cost for any small business. If not maintained properly, a CNC machine can ruin your profitability. The cost of replacing parts on an industrial machine can be enormous, so it’s critical to have the right parts in place at all times.

What material should CNC machine parts be made of?

When choosing the material for your CNC machine parts, the main consideration is the size of the components. The material chosen must be able to hold the loads and stresses caused by the machine. Many materials are suitable for CNC machine parts. You can choose materials like stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, Inconel, and many more.

Another factor to consider is the chemical composition of the material. The chemical composition determines how the material will react to the environment inside and outside the CNC machine. For example, stainless steel is a metal with good resistance against rust, but aluminum reacts with oxygen and can corrode easily. If you choose the wrong material, you may find your parts breaking down quickly after a short period.

New or used?

You need to consider many factors while sourcing CNC parts for your machine. They can include the material used in the machine, the model, and the year of production. Depending on your machine, it may be more advisable to use a used part.

Brand new CNC parts will be an investment. Used parts have a lower initial cost, but you may end up replacing them again sooner in the future. For some machines, parts will be discontinued, and only used or refurbished parts are available.

Not all shops need top of the line, brand new parts to keep going. Consider sourcing used CNC parts for sale if you’re looking to extend the functionality of your machines without putting in a large investment.

Machined or cast?

Another important aspect to consider when sourcing parts is the spindle material. A CNC machine is likely to use steel or aluminum spindles. These spindles can be either cast or machined. Cast spindles are usually cheaper and often made of cheaper metals like aluminum.

However, these are not as strong and are prone to breaking down in a short period. On the other hand, a machined spindle is a much stronger and more durable option. It is also resistant to wear and tear caused by friction during operation and precision.

Type of Spindle

Choosing the type of spindle for your CNC machine is also important. Cast spindles are the most common. They are made from a mix of metal powder and are chemically treated. They are cheap but not as strong as the other types.

Then there is the SIC type, a machine screw with a small brass nut. It is a strong and durable option. The next type is the ball-bearing spindle. It is built to have a smooth and continuous operation. You can choose between ball bearings, ceramic balls, or rack and pinion.

Decide on the quality of suppliers.

When sourcing parts for CNC machine, you will need to consider the quality of suppliers. It is important to select the right type of suppliers. This can be done by checking their reviews and feedback. You can also ask your peers for suggestions. As with any other business deal, it’s important to access the suppliers that are credible, legitimate, and reliable. You can do this by asking for references from the suppliers.


Choosing the right parts for your CNC machine is crucial. You must ensure that the parts you choose work well and last a long time. We provide both new and used parts, so contact our technicians to discuss sourcing the CNC parts you need!

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