Improve CNC Accuracy with Portable Laser Leveling Services

Running Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machinery takes a lot of attention to detail. One of the most important details is having a level working surface. Workpieces and tools demand level working surfaces for proper positioning and cutting. Ensuring that the CNC table surface is even and level helps improve productivity, quality, and efficiency. An improperly leveled surface costs a great deal in time, materials, and tools. CNC manufacturers recommend using Laser Leveling to retain accuracy, however, performing the laser leveling yourself can be a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, there are companies that provide Laser Leveling services at very competitive prices that make owning and trying to perform laser leveling on your own counterproductive.

Take it Easy and Make it Right

There are many different devices and kits available for calibrating CNC table levels but they can be unreliable in the hands of a novice. CNC machinists have the ability to perform many tasks related to maintenance, upkeep, and upgrading but leveling a CNC machine takes an experienced hand. Inexperienced or newly-trained CNC maintenance technicians frequently miscalibrate equipment causing damage to tools, workpieces, and production schedules. Professional training by manufacturers coupled with precision equipment makes CNC servicing dealers a more reliable and responsible resource for CNC calibration.

When CNC Laser Leveling Makes Sense

There are several reasons for retaining the services of a CNC laser leveling expert. Here are a few of the main issues:

  1. Accuracy – The most obvious reason isn’t really all that obvious all the time. CNC machine functions produce vibrations, tool slippage, and other operating issues that can quickly knock a table or surface out of whack making it uneven. Visual efforts and, in some cases, the use of standard bar levels or other equipment will result in continuing deterioration of production pieces. Laser levels offer a degree of accuracy that the human eye simply can’t match. Minute variations in table surfaces or angles can be quickly identified and corrected utilizing laser technology.
  2. Productivity – When a CNC machine is out of alignment, an entire production floor can come to a standstill while it is being recalibrated. The interruption in production along with the costs associated with repairs, additional maintenance, and worker downtime quickly add up.
  3. Quality Control – Meeting specifications is job #1 for proper CNC machine operation and when a CNC table surface isn’t level, specifications go out the window quickly. Checking for accuracy after the fact can be a disaster due to the losses incurred in wasted materials, manhours, and production capacity.
  4. Safety – An improperly operating CNC machine can be a danger to operators and others. Misaligned tables and surfaces can result in damage to workpieces and tools. Damaged workpieces and tools create a safety hazard when it comes time to correct problems. Proper table leveling and surface alignments prevent tool and workpiece damage reducing operator exposure to dangerous equipment.

On Target

Most CNC manufacturers recommend leveling CNC machinery on a routine basis to ensure proper functionality. It’s also important to keep CNC machines level to make sure warranties and guarantees aren’t being voided. Routine CNC maintenance, preventative maintenance, and upgrades offer perfect opportunities to bring in a service technician to laser level a CNC machine. CNC service technicians can quickly and easily determine a CNC machine’s condition and offer solutions to keep production floors running.

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