Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Save your machines with expert spindle repair

Get machine spindles repaired

Spindles can last a long time with normal use, however, certain conditions can cause spindles to fail prematurely. Sometimes a failure does not require an entirely new part. Either way, we offer repair and replacement services based on your needs!

Machine spindle repair

Our experts can assess the best ways to repair or rebuild your spindle. Since the spindle is an essential part of the machine, a failure can halt your business. Repaired or rebuilt spindles can be a fraction of the cost of buying a new part.

Replacing machine spindles

In the event that your spindle is beyond repair, we offer spindle replacement. Everything from sourcing to installation of the new spindle, everything is handled by our in-house technicians!

We source new & used spindles

We offer a number of spindles from different manufacturers to meet your machine needs. We also offer used parts. Please visit our eBay store for a current list of used parts and machinery.

Get spindle repair services today!