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For the next few minutes, this article will conduct a test of your knowledge concerning the advantages of Vertical Milling Machines. If you’re in a production and manufacturing environment machining parts, this means something to you … or at least it should. Everyone familiar with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment knows there are horizontal milling machines as well as vertical milling machines. This test will help determine not just your knowledge concerning the latter, but also explain why a Vertical Milling Machine may be a better choice for some shops and manufacturing plants rather than a horizontally placed machine. Sound good? Let’s get started.

Name 3 advantages vertical milling machines have over horizontal ones:

1) True or False: A Vertical Milling Machine takes up less floor space than a Horizontal Milling Machine.

The answer is…True! A horizontal milling machine can cover a lot of territory in a limited production area or small fabrication shop. Space costs money and decreases efficiency if not utilized correctly. A vertical machine has a smaller footprint overall and allows for more equipment placement on a production floor.


2) Multiple Choice: A Vertical Milling Machine can accomplish the following operations

O Threading
O Tapping
O Drilling
O Texturing
O Engraving
O Punching
O All of the above

The correct answer is…All of the above. A Vertical Milling Machine can accomplish all of the same tasks as a horizontal machine. The advantage here is that it can accomplish those same tasks at a lower cost as vertical CNC machines tend to hit the budget a little less impactively than traditional horizontal CNC machinery. Saving money on the up-front cost of machinery reduces operational costs which end up reflected in wholesale prices making product prices much more attractive to consumers.

3) Essay Question: If you had the opportunity to purchase and utilize a Vertical Milling Machine, would you benefit from its production capacity?

…Okay, we’re not going to make you write out a three hundred-word essay on this, but the point is the same!

The answer is – Yes, you can benefit from the production capacity of a Vertical Milling Machine by virtue of several considerations. More than just production capability or cost are the questions of training and maintenance. It turns out it generally takes less time to train an operator to use a Vertical machine and in most cases, the maintenance requirements are less stringent as well.

How did you score?

If you got all the answers right you’re a genius. Or at really into vertical milling machines. Either way, you’ve shown your interest, knowledge, and understanding of what a Vertical Milling Machine can do for your production situation.

Whether your company operates one unit or a dozen doesn’t matter as much as your vision toward seeing how Vertical Milling can help cut costs, increase productivity, and make management happier. That’s the real test, isn’t it? If you’re unsure about the value of Vertical Milling Machines, contact us to see what we recommend for your shop needs!

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