What To Look for In Used CNC Machine Parts

A CNC machine can completely revolutionize your company by automating parts of your manual processes. However, there isn’t a single technological device in the world that isn’t rife with at least some glaring errors, poor design ideas, or programming glitches. In some other situations, upgrading your machine beyond the controls it came with may be necessary if you want to carry out intricate milling.

In other words, keeping a close relationship with a reliable CNC machine repair shop and stocking more pre-certified CNC machine components on your shelves will help decrease the amount of downtime on your production floor.

That said, you might want to think about the benefits of choosing new vs used CNC machine parts before placing your orders. There are indeed several advantages to buying used CMC machines over brand-new ones, even though most people may not think so.

The Benefits of Buying Second-Hand CNC Machines

Money Saving. Used parts often cost less than new ones. You can funnel those savings in other areas of your business.

Resale Value. CNC machines come at high prices but start to depreciate just after a few uses. So, even if you replace an old part with a new one, you may still be forced to sell the machine at a lower price, making a loss on your investment. On the other hand, using a second-hand part guarantees you won’t lose a lot of money when wrestling.

Quality. Used parts have the advantage of being evaluated and tested loads of times, whereas new parts may have design flaws that will affect the entire machine.

Maintenance. Additionally, the advantage of used parts is that they’ve been serviced, fixed, and reconditioned to perform as well as new, therefore making them at least as good as the more expensive new components on the market.

Buying used machine parts is usually more advantageous than going for new ones. Here’s a look at how to evaluate used CNC parts.


Nothing in this world can succeed without planning and some research. That applies to buying CNC machine parts too. The advantage of going for used parts is that you can find plenty of advice online and from experienced engineers who’ve used the parts before. Always work with a reputable supplier of CNC machine parts for peace of mind.

Hold and rotate the axes.

Most CNC machines are set up to cut workpieces along the X, Y, and Z axes. This is accomplished automatically, easily, and without resistance. So, check for smooth transitions between the various axes and ensure there’s no oscillation after the power has been turned off.

Also, check for oscillations around the ball screw and any unusual sounds when the machine runs at high revolutions per minute. Abnormal noises typically signal a broken bearing, ballscrew, or worn ways.

Check the machine hour and spindle time.

A spindle performs most of the work on a CNC machine, so always check the spindle time of the second-hand machine or spindle you want to buy to find out how long it’s been used. While at it, check the machine hours, too, to get an idea of how long various machine parts have been in use and how many years of service are still left in them

Check the serial number.

Most CNC machine parts have serial numbers indicated for identification purposes. You can get further details about the CNC part from the OEM by using the serial number to get in touch with them. Such details may even enable you to ascertain who owned the machinery you intend to purchase and for how long it was in use.

Lastly, only deal with a reliable seller of used equipment. While all of the above-mentioned factors are important when searching for second-hand CNC machines and parts, working with a trustworthy online middleman can help you gauge the quality of the products you are interested in.

Get in touch with us if you are in the market for new or used CNC machine parts. We source new and used parts and run an eBay store for CNC parts and equipment. We’ll be delighted to help you find the best CNC machine parts for the best price.

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