When to repair or replace your CNC machine

A large number of companies are using Computer Numerical Control (abbreviated as CNC) machines for manufacturing parts from different kinds of material like metal, plastic, composite, ceramic and wood. Like all machines, the manufacturer will give a warranty on the CNC machine, usually for one or more years. They will also provide instructions for maintenance of the machine, so that it will last for a long period of time. Yet all CNC machines are designed and manufactured for usage for a specified time period, after which their performance output will be affected. Here are some warning signs to look for that indicate your CNC needs upkeep or repair:

1 | Issues on Startup

One of the main signs that a CNC machine requires repairs is when the machine does not start properly or gives problems while starting. It may be difficult to change the settings of the machine to the desired settings. Usually when there is a problem of any kind in the machine, the machine operator will take a longer time, to produce the same number of parts with the machine. For example, it may be difficult to feed and align the raw material properly in the machine, due to a problem in one or more parts of the CNC machine, and this will adversely affect the productivity and profit of the company.

2 | Sudden quality control issues

Another indication that repairs are required for the CNC machine is when the parts produced do not conform to the quality control norms. One of the reasons why a CNC machine is used for manufacturing is the high accuracy of the components which are produced. If the machine is malfunctioning, the dimensions of the components may be smaller or larger than the required dimensions, and these components may have to be discarded or reworked. In other cases, the finish of the component may not be satisfactory, there may be scratches or marks on these components.

How do you repair CNC machines?

In case any problem is detected with the CNC tools, it is always advisable for the machine owner to consider CNC repair since it will be cost effective and take less time. However, it is always advisable to hire the services of an experienced CNC machine maintenance and repair company. Hiring a competent and experienced repair professional who has handled almost all major brands and types of CNC machines will ensure that they identify the problem in the machine accurately, so that it can be fixed at the earliest.

An experienced CNC repair company will either have replacement parts for the different kinds of CNC machines which are used in stock or can find suppliers of these replacement parts using their extensive network. The skilled technician will also replace the defective parts properly and quickly, so that the manufacturer can resume using the CNC machine to produce high quality components. In a few cases, the machine may be used for many years, and a large number of parts may be damaged. In this case, it may be better to replace the machine with a used or new machine based on the budget and needs of your business.

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