Where to buy CNC parts

CNC parts resources 

Finding the right repair or maintenance parts for a CNC machine can be challenging. Production managers and machine operators know how important it is to have repair and replacement parts resources available in case of emergencies. Breakdowns can occur at any time and can cause more problems than just a stopped production line. Idle machines mean idle workers and that means losing money and not making money. Obtaining the right parts for routine maintenance or emergency repairs should be a simple and straightforward process and not an exercise in futility and frustration. Because CNC machine use is so widespread throughout industry, the right parts can be found if the right channels are followed.

Where to buy CNC parts

There are always going to be choices for vendors of CNC parts. CNC machines are highly technical pieces of equipment requiring specialized knowledge and training for proper operation, maintenance, and upgrading. Each manufacturer has specific hardware and software that works with their equipment which often limits the number of resources for CNC parts Three places to go for CNC parts are:


The original manufacturer of the CNC machine will have replacement and maintenance parts for their machines. Original equipment manufacturer, also known as “OEM”, parts have some distinct advantages. Parts are designed and engineered to fit better because the manufacturer designed the machine to start with. Warranty periods are generally longer for parts sourced from the OEM. Customer support for installing repair or upgrade parts is also better because the engineering was done by the company.

CNC repair professionals

Many CNC manufacturers utilize local repair and maintenance shops with specialized training to support their machines in the field. CNC manufacturers can’t be everywhere at the same time and local repair shops can be an important asset to CNC machine operators. Training and education are provided by the CNC manufacturers with certification protocols and support guidelines to be followed. In many cases, local repair and maintenance companies have the latest training on the most advanced products making them a valuable brain trust for machine owners and operators. At Billor, we also bring years of experience servicing and operating CNC, so we are able to track down virtually any part for any model of machine. If you want to spare yourself the legwork, call us now and we’ll track down the part for you. 

Source parts on eBay

There are a variety of resources available online. Due to the longevity of CNC machines and the upgrading of equipment that is occurring constantly, there are always CNC machines and parts for sale over the internet. Many purchasing agents and machine floor supervisors find CNC parts on eBay and Amazon. Caution should be used to ensure parts are engineered to OEM specifications or machine operators risk damaging equipment or violating warranty conditions. We buy and sell top quality parts in our eBay store, so you’re sure to find the quality you’re looking for. See CNC parts for sale in our store here.

Buy CNC parts with confidence

Whether a CNC part comes from a trusted vendor or a new internet resource, it’s always a good idea to have a professional on the team. Professional repair and service technicians know the ins and outs of repairing and upgrading CNC machines and should be included in the parts search protocol. CNC machine service and repair shops know whose parts work and where to go to source machine parts. Even if a customer doesn’t need service, talking with a certified technician can head off problems before they happen. If you’re looking for CNC parts, we can help track them down and ensure you get the quality you need. Get a quote for your needs today!

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